Does it seem paradoxical that the Country with one of the most intimidating and draconian tax system on its citizens and resident aliens, and pushes regulations against tax havens and tax avoidance, is in fact, one of the biggest tax havens, allowing foreign nationals and residents to use the United…

The Chinese Government, through the 企业境外投资管理办法 regulated overseas investments made by Chinese companies, which are:

(1) to acquire the rights and interests of ownership and use of foreign land;(2) acquiring rights and interests in natural resources exploration and exploitation concessions outside the country;
(3) to acquire the rights and interests…

I- Generalities.​​​

Stock companies in Nicaragua are regulated by the Commercial Code (Código de Comercio de la República de Nicaragua) published in the offical Gazette of Nicaragua on October 30th, 1916. §201–286.
Stock companies in Nicaragua may have a fantasy name, and has a maximum durability of 99 years (renewable),
The commercial…

Convention des Nations Unies sur le Droit de la Mer

Ligne de Base, Eaux Intérieures, La Mer Territoriale, Zone Contiguë, Zone économique Exclusive, Heute Mer.

  • La convention définit la mer territoriale comme celui que ne dépasse pas 12 milles marines mesurés à partir de lignes de base ; la ligne…

Doing business through a stock company has many benefits, being one of the most important the limited liability, which means that any liability the company might fall into, be it debt, or bankruptcy, is limited by the company’s assets. …

Jean Franco Fernández Clark

Corporate and International Tax Lawyer. Offshore Legal Services Provider. Speaks English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian.

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